About DIY Paleo

Hi, I’m Elizabeth!

As a young child, I struggled with severe allergies and asthma. I was rarely seen without a tissue in hand. I was on another round of antibiotics every few months. I even ended up in the hospital a few times due to asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

Thankfully, my parents put me on a cleaner diet when I was five. Before long, I stopped needing my inhaler. My childhood became a happier one thanks to the food I ate. I still have a few lingering allergies, but now I live a full, symptom-free daily life. For that, I am very grateful.

As an adult, I developed a love of cooking with real food and getting creative in the kitchen. That’s why I created DIY Paleo: to honor health and joy in eating and living. The recipes here are full of nourishing ingredients to support well-being.

I also offer weekly meal prep service here in Denver, Colorado. If you live in the area and need help making Paleo work for you, request a free 20-minute consultation on my Personal Chef Services page. From low carb to Whole30 to Autoimmune Paleo, special diets are my specialty!

I never want food to feel like a restriction or sacrifice, and I bet you feel the same. I always want to love the food I eat—don’t you? Let’s make it so!

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